Your initial financial plan

This is essential in confirming our understanding of your financial situation, your needs and your relationship with your wealth.
We will provide a clear outline of how you can reach your financial goals, whether that be enough money to live on in your retirement, protecting your family’s wealth or making sure you are heading in the right direction.

Your long-term financial partner

Clearly, it is important that we continue to communicate with you regarding changes in legislation and the ongoing financial climate. However, we focus on the personal implications to you as an individual.
We all have a personal relationship with money, and we take time to understand this relationship and how it changes over time.
Our ongoing financial services are essential for that continued sense check that you are on target with your goals.

Relationship with other professional services

TWP Wealth Management was born out of a desire to create a family office environment with accountancy and financial planning in one place. This extends to Will and trust planning through our close partnership with The Surrey Probate Practice.

Our Fees

There are initial advice fees and ongoing advice fees along with the normal platform and investment costs.
Traditionally, most financial advisers operate on a percentage of assets model when it comes to their fees. Therefore, an investor with £500,000 could be charged double an investor with £250,000 even if the service they require is exactly the same.
Everyone is different and not everyone’s financial requirements are the same. Therefore, we opt to use a fixed fee structure based on the services you require. This will be agreed with you at the outset after our free initial consultation. The ongoing fees will be reviewed over time to factor in inflation or a change in the services you require.
We feel this is a fairer, more transparent way for you to understand the services you are paying for.
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